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Paramhansa Sadguru Phulaji Baba

A brief introduction

Shri. Paramhansa Phulaji Baba was born on the 30 th Day of August in 1925, in a village 'Sawali' in Aundh Nagnath taluka in the Hingoli District of Maharashtra. Baba's father, Shri Dhonduji Ingle was a popular and pious personality among the Andh tribe people to which he belonged. His mother, Punjabai Ingle was a devoted, serene, religious and virtous women who would work on daily wages for the sake of her family. However things were merely enough to feed the family and they lived a hand to mouth existence .
No one can understand the ways of God. The entire family reached Andhra Pradesh in search of work for sustenance and became permanent residents of Patnapur village in Utnoor Taluka of Adilabad district. That was the period around 1934. They started cultivating the land granted by the Government.
Thus the family would work hard for a living but poverty seemed to be their eternal follower. Their condition did not change and finally once again they changed their minds deciding to return to Hingoli, this time it was 'Takali' village which the family selected for residence. The members of family multiplied with the passage of time but the economic condition remained the same. Finding it excessively difficult to continue in such poverty they once again travelled to Patnapur. Baba would help his father in the fields right from his childhood. Poverty did not allow him gain education in schools. In childhood itself he and his sanguines were orphaned by the death of parents. He had two sisters and a brother. These children were provided shelter by their counsin Kaluji Ingle. The child Phulaji was honest, respectful and follower of truth. These qualities made him dearer to Kaluji Ingle.
After his marriage, he and his brother decided to become self reliant and started clearing the fields, that had been covered by forest, for agriculture. They worked harder day and night to overcome the poverty and started marching steadily towards success. Since his childhood by virtue of his purity, Baba showed the signs of sainthood. In those days, the officials, head persons of Gram Panchayats, etc. would harass the poor people and force them to behave like servants. They used to take advantage of people's poverty which Baba could never tolerate. Baba used to engage in dialogue with the village representatives, officials to gain justice for the poor people. With the passage of time, Baba started receiving the company of educated persons prominent among them was Shri. Ganpat Vadgure. In the company of Ganpat Guruji Baba learnt the basic vowels and letters which enhanced the desire in him to somehow read the religious texts. Following the path of religion and by the virtue of pure nature his life experienced a great transformation and he gave up non vegeterian diet and drinking. He put an end to violence. Because of his being fixed in purity he would experience great joy in every activity. This helped him effectively finding a path out of any kind of problem that presented before him. Amongst such economic, social, psycological happenings itself did Baba start experiencing the awakening of the inherent power of Yoga. In a society so overpowered by ignorance and superstitions it was exceedingly difficult to sustain the path of Yoga but in such situation itself Baba showed the signs of Yoga.
Though in modern age, the superstitious and ignorant people could not understand the process of various stages of divine Yoga, Baba was experiencing. People started believing that Baba was taken over by some spirit or had come under the spell of some black magic. The likes of Guruji however could realise that it wasn't anything else but the symptoms of Sainthood. Finally the power of Yoga in him proved, indeed.
Today, Paramhansa sadguru Shri. Phulaji Baba is known as a Saint, a Yogi. He preaches true religion and teaches every person to follow the path of truth.
The divine Nectar of Spirituality
Human being has been wandering since times eternal in this neverending circle of ignorance and darkness. So long as the ignorance prevails human cannot have the development of inherent spiritual power and with the lack of spiritual knowledge human cannot ever attain to peace.
God has designed the human body as a replica of universe and has provided the body with true knowledge of Soul or Brahma. This inherent power spontaneously gets awakened by the grace of sadgura. When sadguru's power descends into a person, the Kundalini ( serpent power ) or jiva awakens to destory the ignorance in him and propels him to the supreme truth.
' Shiva Samhita '
This scripture notes the following -
The significance of pligrimage, as given in religious texts like Vedas, Purans, is that by pilgrimage one's sins get destroyed and the person is liberated, the desires get fulfilled and the four Purusharthas of Dharma ( Religion), Artha ( wealth), Kama ( Desire ) and Moksh ( Freedom ) are attained. The books mention that God Himself exists in places of pilgrimage. This had a great impact on minds of people and considering the books to be true, people got illusioned by the same.
The human body itself bears all the places of worship present in this world. Alas ! none have understood it.

' Shaktipat Yoga Rahasya'
In this book on page 40th of the 3rd section, the description of pindabrahmanda appears thus,
Body is the bearer of all the places of worship. Within this body itself the seven continents, sumeru Mountain, Rivers, Oceans, Lands, Saints, Sages, Planets, Constellations and everything else exists. Sun, moon etc which are responsible for the beginning and end of universe are present in the body. The space, wind, water, fire and earth along with all the creatures in the world are performing their tasks by taking refuge under the sumeru mountain present in the body.
A true possessor of knowledge is one who experiences the existence of entire universe , people and things thereof, in the body. Such a person should be called a yogi.
In the body itself rivers are present in the form of 72000 nerves. Yamuna exists as Pingala, Ganga exists as Ida and Saraswati as 'Susumna'. By diving deep into the waters of confluence of these three nerves (rivers) in the body can one achieve liberation. The confluence is nothing but the bhrukuti (Portion of forehead between eyebrows). By taking bath in the knowledge of Soul there, one liberates from sins.
Saints use to visit the bhrukuti itself and enjoy the voyage of soul. This place of confluence is called "shivatirth". The susumna nerve has been mentioned as the great place of worship in the Yoga Shikopanishad.
By the grace of Guru the kundalini power awakens and the devotee attains purity of mind. The aspirant devotee acquires 'Siddhi' (powers) and gets liberated (Moksha). By merely going on pilgrimage and bathing in Ganges one's sins are not destroyed, what is cleansed is only the dirt on body ! The dirt that has covered the inner self is in the form of anger, attachment, jealousy, greed, ego etc. Is there any soap made for these dirts ? what type of ganga or yamune should one dive in to cleanse these dirty feelings? Beware atleast now, be alert. There is only one way to get rid of all these baser impulses and feelings and that is the path of Meditation. Meditation removes off all the ailments of mind, it can purify therefore become fixed on inner self and meditate.
Meditating, one can purify oneself and get liberated from all baser feelings. By the light of knowledge one can overcome the inner world's friends and foes, expectations and disappointments, greed and egoism, etc. Meditation is full of divine potentials.
This body is pure for within this destructible body itself, saints got liberated by finding the divine nectar. We have not yet discovered the truth of Soul as there wasn't any sadguru to openly guide us. God is existing in our body as Soul. However we are yet to have the experience of truth.
Tukaram Says,
" Tuzha Dev Tuzhya Passi
Pari Jaga Chukalasi"
Meaning that God exists within you but you are unaware of your soul and because of such ignorance you are wandering in outside world !
Tukaram says that the very place of searching for God has been mistaken. oh! innocent being what else could one achieve instead of stones in outside world. Do not waste your precious life just like that, instead, identify your soul by going to a Guru who can reveal you the God within.
"Atma ha Vitthala, Kaya Hi Pandhari" hereby Tukaram explains that to seek God there is no necessity to go in forests or caves. The Vithala (God) in form of Soul is to be searched for in this very body, which itself is Pandhari and the way to search Him is the path of meditation.
Salt that is obtained from water on dissolution again gets lost in water. Likewise we have originated from the infinite (void or shunya) and obtained this form which once again shall get assimilated into the infinite! By fixing the mind on the Bhrukuti during Meditation one gets to experience the Soul. Saints, Yogis would go on pilgrimage inside the temple of body and see the soul thereby experiencing the supreme bliss of Samadhi.
A Mahatma is he who for the betterment of world strives, without caring for the self and preaches the right knowledge having experienced the truth himself. Man is capable of doing everything and anything because of the inherent power of soul.
A person devoid of the company of saintly people and lacking the faculty to discriminate between the truth and falsehood constantly keeps wandering in this world which is like an Ocean. The ailments like greed etc. are too difficult for him to overcome and he remains caught in the attachments of world.
By the grace of Guru, when the dirt on the inner self of a person gets cleaned, he realises that he is his own friend, he is himself his enemy. The virtuous, the vicious and the ego is nothing other than himself. This realisation comes to him from his own soul.
In this body as a family, Soul is like a thief having desire as its spouse, ego, pride and deceit as its sons, while expectations, lust, imaginations are like its daughters.
Having realised the above concept one should identify between virtue and vice, good and bad, Truth and falsehood before putting forward the next step.
This body is formed by the action of five great elements and God resides in the body in the form of Energy onaccount of five elements, Panchatatva. In this body having a definite form exists the formless God! Kindness, forgiveness, peace as well as anger, greed and jealousy are all present in this body but unnoticed. Likewise even God exists in this body. He exists like the powerful light formed by the power of millions of suns together. But he can be seen only through the vision of knowledge.
One experiences a sound sleep that makes him extremely happy however, how clould the sleep be so blissful can't be shown !
When a common person attains sainthood it is because of the reason that the self or Soul energy or vision in him awakens.
If viewed in the light of spiritual knowledge, Lord Krishna was not anybody, man or woman, but the formless Energy. He never married. However to say that he had eight wives is to mean that he possessed the eight superhuman powers called 'Siddhi.' The real meaning of His enjoying the company of 72000 women is that Lord Krishna, rejoiced with the 72000 nerves ( in body ) and having utilised them to attain the state of Samadhi ( transcedental consciousness ) remained fixed in samadhi. He experienced the supreme energy that thrilled the entire nervous system. This is what has been called the joy of company of nerves. ( Nerve in Hindi is spelt as Nadi while woman is spelt as Nari. Thus narisukh is company of women while nadisukh is company of Nerves in the body which exactly is the concept here).
The energy ( soul ) within us itself has been called as Sri Krishna. By meditation, there occurs the development of the power within.
The puranas mention about Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva as being the creator, operator and destroyer of the Universe respectively. These three deities were given a specific form and installed as idols, thereby attributing to them the gross identity ( sthulatva). What then should have been the real consciousness ( Chetana ) behind the tasks of creation, operation and destruction ? What should be the source of this power?
Let us think of it as being one in form ( shape and attributes). Vishnu is manifested in truth or following the path of truth, Shiva as the inertia or dullness ( called ''Tama") and Brahma as the tasks that involve creation like birth, activity and care ( maya) etc.
Raja, tama and Satva ( passion, inactivity and virtue ) exist in every person as the three gunas ( qualities). They are respectively Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. The qualities like kindness, forgiveness and peace are goddesses Laxmi, Saraswati and Parvati. Therefore he who follows the path of truth becomes God and undoubtedly so. 'Nar' means this human in body and ' Narayan ' means the soul. The term 'Bhutdaya' means kindness towards all the creatures. This is true religion and truth is the only worship of God.
Navavidha Bhakti ( Nine fold devotion ) is nothing but unification of the nine senses, and having control over it. Utilising the senses for proper tasks is the sign of a ' Siddha' ( Saint ). If we remain slaves to the senses, we can never achieve knowledge of soul. The soul within is able to differentiate between objects of desires but we cannot realise our soul. As sugar is present within the sugarcane, butter in the milk so is soul present in the body which is amazing, boundless and present as subtle energy.
But we could not realise the true power of soul because of remaining slaves to the senses and getting caught in the web of illusion.
Relentless worship is the utmost necessity. No matter how much we churn the milk or stir it, nothing can be derived unless the milk is heated properly. The preheated milk on becoming cold is fit for processing to obtain cream, curd, butter and so on. This observation is helpful for understanding Meditation and worship. After initial hard work, one experiences the power of concentration by meditation.
In the womb of deer exists the musk however the possessor is unaware. The activities of the deer cause the fragrance of musk reach its nose and the deer becomes restless for the source of fragrance. The musk remains out of its reach. Poor deer doesn't even know that the musk exists within its body.
The condition of human is much akin to that of the musk deer. The soul exists within our body but we like fools keep wandering in search of God constantly in the outside world ! The God in form of Soul exists as power, light and sound in our body. It's not proper to search him without. Words can be heard but can't be seen, God is prevalent in form of air engulfing entire universe.
How could be survive in the womb of mother for nine months and nine days ? Who was there to save us ? Who was responsible for maintaining the ' Ajapajap' Mantra going along with the breathing ? What else can it be other than the soul. That itself is God.
To think about truth and purity has become necessary for everybody. So long as we don't realise our soul we can get nothing out of worshipping. Without experincing Soul, nothing can be known about God. The Soul should be conquered and once that is realised we get liberated.
Ramayana is very much relevant to this body. The body is Ayodhya, Soul is Ram, Peace itself is goddess Sita, Joy is Bibhisana, Breathing is Hanuman while Ravana is nothing but Anger.
It is quite possible that we, by learning scriptures, become scholars. We can develop our mental faculties to any extent but the knowledge of Soul remains unattained. There are many orators in the world, who can fluently speak on the topic of spirituality however they don't seem to lead the pure life essential for maintaining the spiritual element. Men who are fixed in spirituality are only few, ( one among lakhs).
For spiritual development the power of pure consciousness is necessary. The possessor of spiritual power- awakened imparts from his self- knowledge, the consciousness into other person. Such saints are true Masters ( Guru) and the person who receives the inspiration from them is true disciple Swami Vivekananda has explained this in one of his books.
The need is to surrender to a Guru, who has found his divine self and take his refuge.
It is like lighting one lamp from a prelighted one. The lamp which is burning is like a Guru and the lamps which are lit because of the initial source of light are like disciples.
How to worship and serve our Guru? Saint Dnyaneshwar, in the 15 th Chapter of Dnyaneshwari, mentions about this lucidly.
Those who wish to worship Guru should purify his heart and in such a simplified heart ( which is like a lotus ) should he install the feet of his Guru. Removing all the feelings of indifference and with the feeling of oneness (which serves as his palms) should he offer the petals of senses on the Guru's feet. It suggests that one should control and unify his senses and with devotion, offer his worship at Guru's feet. The feet should be washed with the intense feeling of purity ( symbolised by fragrance ). Having applied the fragrant sandal paste to the Golden rings ( which symbolise love) he should offer them to the feet of Guru and with a pious feeling full of love, the rings should be put around Guru's toe. Then the lotus with eight petals (which symbolise eight virtues) and full of fragrance of joy should be offered on the Guru's feet.
While worshipping Guru, the ego should be offered to fire like an essence stick. The feet should be worshipped with prayer and finally lighting the mind with the oneness ( Advaita) the worshipper should give up duality, assimilating with feet of Guru. His body and Soul should become the footwear for his Guru and he should consider moksha or freedom to be Guru's feet !
He who reveals the path of liberation ( moksha ) is true Guru. A saint attains spiritual knowledge after undergoing severe penance. They bless disciples with their power. By the blessings of Guru, the serpent power, kundalini, awakens and by meditation thereafter one attains the knowledge of soul.
By bathing in the meditation, achieved by fixing the mind on the portion of forehead between eyebrows i.e. Bhrukuti, mind gets purified. Who am I ? What is my nature ? Where do I come from ? What is my destination ? I am not myself ( as conceived ) but something different , what's the source of energy for maintaining the body ? Everything is answered then.
Jiva is body while Shiva is the Soul. After removing the layer of dirt ( in form of ignorance ) one gets to know about God.
A day arises when you, with your own eyes, could see the true nature of self. Appease the soul and you shall realize your true self. You will experience that you are one with every nook and corner of the Universe. Understand then, that you have known God.
Ours is to discover the basic reason behind our birth and return to that state. The self has emerged from void and we will have to once again reach there. The true goal for a life is to know the reason for birth (origin). The entire life in this universe is based on this aspect alone.
The direct vision. If Sadguru is alive, his image comes in front of eyes vividly. Eklavya had prepared an idol of his Guru and had conceived it to be the real Guru. With true devotion he succeeded in his endeavour.
Filled in the Sadguru having a definite form ( body ) is the infinite formless God. Meditate having faith and realization of God is sure to be achieved. The path of meditation is the greatest of all paths. For devotion, the simplest form is that of meditation. Become introvert ( fixed in inner nature ) and meditate.
The attempts for achieving the divine knowledge and its usage for the Nation are being made everywhere including USA. The Indians alas, are still continuing with worshipping ( the idols ) keeping aside the spiritual knowledge.
As mentioned in Ramayana, Hanuman would lift mountains ( like Drongiri ) on his palm and fly away. We all have heard about this story. Without even trying to know about truth behind these incredible tasks, people are engaged in offering saffron and turmeric as items of worship to Hanuman. People of other countries, however, having been inspired by the book could invent things like aeroplane. They discovered the true knowledge hidden there. In the age of Ramayana, Hanuman alone was able to fly but today thousands of people can do so because of an aeroplane ! People of other nations discovered the power to enable one to fly in air like Hanuman and put the knowledge to best utility.
In Indian classical Music there is a muscial mode named " Deep Raga". By singing in this particular mode it is said that one can light the lamps. The ' Raga ' is so powerful. With research about the ' Deep Raga ' , they invented electricity.
King kansa heard the voice from heaven before Lord Krishna's birth, which said that the eighth child of Devaki will bring you death. The people from west, could invent Radio and Indians remained with mere worshipping.
The spiritual knowledge is laden with intense scientific knowledge but we could not realize that. We Indians know only arguments, debates and pointing fingers towards other people. Elsewhere people utilize the spiritual knowledge for their benefit, such is the fate of our spirituality !.
Sanjay was able to explain the happenings on battlefield of Kurukshetra, where Pandavas and Kaurawas were engaged in warfare to Dhruthrashtra right in his palace without being to the battlefield. How was this possible - because of inner vision, the power of soul. Based on this is today's television. Have we, thus far, discovered the true import of even a single book ?
There is a reservior of immense power in this greatest path of Meditation. It's impossible to explain it. By achieving Samadhi ( trans ), we can contact our kiths and kins based millions of miles away from us. We can awaken a person there from our place itself. People of America, UK have carried out research on meditation.
Today we can speak anywhere because of telephone. This is much similar to it.
During ancient period, sages used to converse with each other because of spiritual powers. Man has not understood this because of remaining away from spiritual power. After achieving this divine power saints started using it for benefit of society. They could accomplish incredible tasks because of this power. Human brain was too inadequate to understand the power and therefore it was subject to criticism and fun. It gradually lost its relevance in view of people. The spiritual power, consequently, was lost and people developed unfaithful attitude towards its.
Rigveda, Mandal Fourth
The 18th Sutra ( Ophorism ) of 4th mandal of Rigveda mentions about ' Vamdeva'
While in the womb of mother itself, Vamdeva attained the knowledge of Brahma. He considered the five great elements as God. The knowledge of entire Universe is filled in human being and with union of five great elements this body was formed. The operation of Universe is because of them. These elements are the basis of our lives. If even a single element is removed from our body, we can't remain alive. The destruction of world comes from them and nothing else.
Destruction Manifest
1. Water element - Floods and Drought
2. Earth element - Earth quake
3. Air element - Cyclones
4. Fire element - Volcanoes, Fire
5. Space element - Lighting
Lord Krishna - in Bhagvadgita.
Lord Krishna says , I am omnipresent. Without my permission even a leaf can't move.
Who is the one present in us as shadow ? Aren't they the five great elements. Wherever you go in this universe, Air, Fire, Space, Earth and water are bound to exist. We cannot survive without them. Soul exists in every body in form of breath. Isn't air necessary for keeping breath ongoing. Likewise God is to be known slowly by discovering such things.
The Worship of Feet of Guru
Worshipping Guru's feet is considered to be the greatest form of worship. The instructions given by Lord Shiva to Parvati as given in the 12th chapter of "Kularnava Tantra ", about devotion towards Guru are as under.
The knowledge about Bhakti ( Worship ) as spoken by me even if heard by an aspirant once shall in the heart of the listener awaken the love for Bhakti. Greater than the benefits of millions of Mahayagnas, Charity, rites etc. is the fruit of remembering sadguru's feet. It is greater than millions of rituals etc. By remembrance of worshipping of Sadguru's feet utterly complicated ailments, fears and dangers can be overcome for Guru himself is the saviour. An aspirant, who daily and always remembers his Guru's feet attains the benefits of studying vedas and religious books. He receives the fruits of all the efforts.
The remembrance of Guru's feet liberates from all sins and leads to attainment of all the four principal objects of human existence ( purusarthas). The greatest mantra is to devotionally bow to the direction in which the lotus feet of Sadguru exist. Guru is greatest of all deities. Meditation on Guru is greatest of all meditations. Thus, Lord Shiva explained about worship and devotion to Parvati. There is no other form of devotion greater than bhakti or devotion for Guru. Therefore one should, for all accomplishments and liberation surrender to Guru.
The blessings of Guru
The blessing of Guru and his acceptance is called '' Shaktipat ". Guru imparts Power unto his disciple ( devotee), which is Shaktipat, so that he achieves Spirtual development and knolwledge. The spiritual power exists in everybody but is latent. By the grace of Guru the power awakens and the devotee experiences the power himself.
The awakening of ( Serpent ) power called Kundalini shows some signs in devotee's body like he may dance, sing, crawl, cry , breath hastily, rotate, laugh, faint or sweat etc. Thrill all over, hiccups, cold or lightening of body etc. are also experienced. The mind feels elated and body engages in all such activities on its own. It liberates one from previous ailments and makes one experience one's Soul.
The devotee who has been blessed by Guru be it man or woman, child or young or old aged one, healthy or weak, sinner or pious, intelligent or insane, athiest or believer in God, everyone shows development of these signs gradually.
Only human species is capable of attaining the knowledge of God. A sandalwood as an ordinary wood when put in fire is bound to produce ash. They don't maintain separate existence. Similarly the fire produced by " Siddha Mahayoga " in interior of self destroys all the sins and opens the door for spiritual aspirant to get unifed with " Brahma" ( Soul Supreme).
The Teachings of Paramhansa Shri. Phulaji Baba :
Today in the age of scientific and technological development, science has reached great heights. However man has been lagging much behind in field of spiritual knowledge. The reason seems to be ignorance and blind believings.
Since time eternal the rich heritage of Indian knowledge / culture has been cherised and kept alive by the sages, saints, philosophers who have given their everything for the maintenance of knowledge within and without. The aim was to make the knowledge reach everybody engrossed in ignorance, through scriptures or otherwise. I am trying to do the same, cherish the Indian tradition of knowledge. However today's youth is lost in the web of desires for materialistic world. Considering it to be everything he has got caught in delusion and thereby seems to have distanced from true spiritual knowledge.
My message to the young generation is that everyone realises his true image ( self ) and gets to know what the real spiritual heritage of India is. You may read for yourself certain books that have been enlisted towards the end of this book.
Many Saints have written many books based onspiritual experiences for the people. This knowledge has been in existence since eternity ! Few sages have kept the spiritual knowledge hidden thereby making it appear secret and suspicious.
Awake, at least now ! Lead a life full of meditation. That can reveal you the true knowledge, the secret. Understand the real nature of Indian culture. Also impart this knowledge to others. Become donor of knowledge.
Shri. Paramhansa Sadguru Phulaji baba, for the sake of humanity, having pondered over true and false aspects of existence and over all religious books for the secrecy involved there in, has revealed that human body has been designed in accordance with the laws of Nature itself. The almighty God has given birth to this body fulfilling all its requirements right from birth to death. Before evolving this universe God included the five Great elements necessary for the existence of universe and created the same. He confined the climatic changes to the realm of time. So that the tasks are performed properly by the Nature. Rainy season was to provide water, Winter to provide cold and summer, the needed heat. Today man has gone against the Nature created by God and has been unscruplously mining out minerals from the interior of world using science. Limestone, Coal, Gold, silver, copper, petroleum and so on are obtained from interior of Earth. But this is leading to imbalance of Nature. True that external beauty was showing because of pearls and diamonds but the interior of earth was disturbed. Today the climate has experienced a change. Rainy season has become erratic, and variable. What could be the reason ? In my view, while God was engaged in creating Universe, human being must have been observing the divine work. If we forget anything in our house or misplace it, we can't find the misplaced thing at least for some time or days together.
Thereafter, to procure the wealth, deep within the earth created by God, several machines ( technologies ) were used. The things present inside the earth do maintain the balance ( of earth ) however because of extracting them there have been several changes induced in the atmosphere Alas ! no-body is ready to take notice of this.
Like the Universe, if one studies the body made of five great elements one can obtain knowledge about the universe ( element). The body of human being has such mystery behind its creation. Body and sense organs act according to the laws of nature. If any one part of body is affected by any injury the body suffers from disease. Then, the functions of body can't be carried out properly.
If any one element out of the five gets eliminated from body, it leads to death. Care is needed to keep the body healthy. A weaker body needs to be supplied with blood. If water level decreases, glucose is given. A person taken by sorrow runs the risk of heart failure. Some die because of paralysis, Polio etc. The reason for such diseases is that man must be acting against Nature. To keep the body happy one has to follow the regulations. The laws of Nature are ever applicable. Drought, floods etc. must be occuring because of imbalances in Nature induced by extracting minerals from within the earth, its gravitational force must be undergoing changes. The reason for occurence of earthquakes, volcanoes and Tsunami in countries like Japan is the action against laws of Nature.
The reason behind everything, the astonishing changes taking place in universe and body made of the five elements, is the formless God who dwells in heart of every person. The real God was forgotten because man was ignorant about the powers of God and started worshipping gross things like idols. We have built temples and installed deites everywhere believing them to be God as our parents too believed.
If it were real God, all unwanted happenings on earth should have been averted. Earth quakes should not have occured, Floods, Lightning etc that cause devastation of life and settlements and similar calamities of Nature have not been stopped by our deities ? If that God was capable of saving us from these calamities it would have been proper to engage in worships, hymns, yagnas. and rituals. Otherwise, all these things are futile.
I want to convey to people of all sects that all such calamities are because of curse of Nature. Our deities ( Jada or gross ) can do nothing in that case. Who then is the real God ? Its important to think over it. The work of five great elements is the work of God. These elements are intact from eternity. To understand these five elements is to know the work of God. For this ( knowledge) one should lead a life full of meditation. Thus one will develop self - courage and go beyond ignorance and superstitions.
This is the Indian spiritual heritage which has been in existence from time eternal. This is the knowledge about Indian Vedic tradition cherished by our sages.

Discussion About Experience of Samadhi
Shri. Paramhansa Phulaji Baba, once in his Ashram enlightened the devotees on the topic of experiencing samadhi ( transcedental consciousness), thus -
Of those engaged in Bhakti or other froms of worship, about 99% are desirous of materialistic happiness. Only one percent yearn for realising God. Yet only few people amongst them indeed realise God. The reason for this is that to realise God one has to go through several stages of bhakti or meditation. Worship has to be done internally and it is not at all external. It has four stages (i) Turiya (ii) Unmani iii) Samadhi iv) Nirvikalpa Samadhi.
After passing through these stages finally we can attain the God ( Who is in form of spirit or light ). This is called as Mukti ( Liberation)
In today's world there are many people who have grown beard and matted hairs, applied saffron on forehead, taken conchshell and trishul in their hands and are wandering in forests engaged in one or other forms of worship. Many people have tried for attaining God, but could not achieve anything. There is also no chance that they could achieve anything. Probably, a few could experience an iota of self knowledge but that would be the first step to real knowledge. This stage should be considered to be turiya or Unmani. People fall prey to this temporary happening and make a mess of precious lifetime. Ancient sages have noted this thing in their books as they had experienced it. We can test our experiences on that basis.
There is a detailed explantation about Samadhi in the book, " Shaktipat yoga Rahasya " i.e. Siddhamahayoga Shashtra, in 11th chaper on page number 373. In today's period, Paramhansa Sadguru Shri. Phulaji Baba is possessor of " Sahaj Samadhi " and has provided spiritual power to innumerable people ( i.e. Shaktipat). When asked about his spiritual knowledge, Baba says that he has not yet become a saint - accepting the role of common man ( inspite of being great ) he explains true self knolwedge to mankind saying that the state of true sainthood is far away to be realised. All the saints who were present in our country, having realised spiritual knowledge used it for benefit of people of the world. They tried to awaken people who were lost in ignorance, darkness and superstition. They made people realise true religion of mankind. Srikrishna in the Dwapar Yuga, Sri. Rama in tretayuga, Sri. Shankaracharya, Dayanand Saraswati, Raman Maharshi, Veer Brahmendra Swami, Tukaram, Eknath, Ramakrishna Paramansa Swami Vivekananda, Sai Baba, Janabai, Meerabai, Dnyaneshwar, Tukdoji, Mungsaji, Dattatraya and many other saints had experienced Samadhi and thereafter blessed the mankind.
Beyond the Samadhi is the state of " Nirvikalpa Samadhi " that state is the true state of Godhood. By unification of million Sun's light what comes to existence is a single source of light not two. Likewise blazing light doesn't need anything else to exist. The formless God existing as divine light doesn't need any other source. But he is indeed required by entire world. Thus everyone is desirous of achieving the Pure Consciousness - God.
The saints who attained to this state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi like Sri. Gajanan Maharaj, Bhuraji Baba, Gogale baba, Viktu Baba, Ramareddy tata, Anusaya mata etc. have thereby realised God.
Out of Nirvikalpa Samadhi the work of God towards Universe is realised, but direct realisation is not attained. I am still unaware of the knowledge of these Saints, says Shri. Phulaji baba.

The Place of Meditation in Life
The awakening of self - power by a guru through Shaktipat ( descent of power ) is the greatest gift we can receive. By the teachings of our guru we come to know about the way to develope this power and utilize its benefits. A trained lifestyle is of greatest support to the path of meditation. One gets to attain the natural state of meditation, thereby it also helps in breaking the unwanted bondages involved in path of mediation.
The most essential organ of the path of meditation is Asana ( Mode of sitting). Asana is the foundation for entire structure of meditation. The best mode of sitting is the one is which a devotee can comfortably sit for a longer period of time. ' Sahaj Asana' ( normal mode) is the best from of Asana. The vertibral column should be straight while we sit down for meditation. This is important. The concentration remains fixed on the heart with a straight posture. This Asana is also called as ' Suasana'.
Presented hence forth are the practical guidelines for meditation so that it is practised deligently. The most essential aspect is the resolution to meditate. There is no constraint of time for meditation. Even a very small amount of time sufficies. The period between 3 to 6 o' clock in morning is thebest time for meditation. Mind can concentrate on the inner self without any effort during this span. This period is called " Brahma Muhurt ". However, any time can be chosen for meditation at our convinience.
Maintaining the same time for meditation daily is helpful. It is beneficial to identify a place for meditation like a room or a corner and use a woollen cloth or a mat for sitting in meditation. By this mind gets inspired for entering the realm of inner world. The body gets trained for meditation by making it a practice to sit for meditation for 15 to 20 minutes initially. One should increase this span gradually. In the course of time, one can sit in meditation for an hour comfortably.
Chanting Gods name makes the fountain of joy embedded in heart function. Chanting makes the mind peaceful and prepares it primarily for meditation. Chanting can be done either in group or alone. The siddha mahayoga can be understood easily by regular reading of guru's scriptures. By reading them one can understand the significance of one's own experiences as they occur.
Satsang - the company of good ( saint). It is also understanding the truth that is present in everybody through listening to and thinking over each other's experiences. The true meaning of satsang is quest for realsing the element of truth within. It is very much beneficial to remain in company of fellow devotees to exchange spiritual experiences.
To visualise truth directly is ' Darsan ' (Vision ) or the vision of a saintly person. To remain in company of a satguru is the greatest and most powerful satsang (holy company).
A thought about meditation. The way we fall asleep, so easily, we should also be able to go in meditation, easily. Sit in peace on your own, concentrate on the soul, the possessor of knowledge residing within. Let the breathing be normal. Do not forcefully hold it. Get lost in the inner world, get introvert, experience the soul. If any thought springs up let it emerge. It will be lost on its own. Concentrate on the very place of its origin. Remain like a spectator of the mind. When there arises no need to meditation, know that the true meditation has been achieved. The light of the soul will emanate from within when thoughts would come to an end - however, do not force the thought to extinguish if the mind has not yet become calm. The thoughts that emerge and disappear are but the various faces of the soul itself. Think thus and maintain respect for the mind. Thereby, the mind would, on its own, become calm and peaceful.
To attain steady state of mind concentrate on the origin of " Ajapajap" occuring with breathing for twenty thousand and six hundred times in every human being. It is also called as Bijmantra ( Primary Mantra). ' Soham ' or 'Om' is the seed. While we inhale air it makes the sound ' So' and as we exhale the sound ' ham ' is heared. Thus ' So-ham' is generated. This process is called as ' Mantra' . It has been indicated by various, terminologies. Like ajapajap, Ekadash, Pranav Jap, Dwadash Mantra. Panchakshari Mantra etc. The relation of all the mantras is with the breathing therefore one must concentrate on the breath that emanates from the inner self during meditation. This is the real seed or the Mantra ( bijmantra).
Get engrossed in meditation. Do not panic if any emotion tries to overpower you. There are many tantras ( forms) of worship of the inner power. The interior is full of emotions and processes. Its joyful work is seen in everything. Therefore it has control over everything. The inner power is on with the Soul.
The aim of meditation therefore is to become fixed on interior self.
It is good to view some images in meditation but they may not necessarily appear. What we need is the happiness. When the sense organs become calm. and we start experiencing joy we can realise the true knowledge.
The world is manifestation of happiness. Joy is filled everywhere. Search the happiness by meditation and discover it. Give up all negative thoughts and feel that, " I am all joyful". Fill the personality with divintiy. I am not different from God neither is God different from me. Keep this in mind and meditate. It will ultimately make us realise God and we will be tranformed into Gods.
Meditate on the self - image
Respect the self image
Identify the self image
God exists within you and is present in the form of your Soul.
" My worship is God and every person whom i see and everything that I see is God". We should keep this belief, " I am a person, small and limited", is what we have been thinking so far. Therefore it is difficult for us to understand that we are Gods. We have been listening to the view that we are sinners. Our spiritual books and leaders have been so far, considering us to be sinners and We have developed such belief. Therefore, we tend to paint our pure and pious soul with the thought of being sinners and thereby fail to believe in our soul. This leads to distorting the concentration away from self.
If we start thinking that we are sinners, mean persons etc. we make provision for depletion of our power.
Therefore saints ask us to become introvert and meditate so that we get to experience the feeling of oneness. We are one with God, indeed. He is within us. We shall realise this fact. We can never become calm unless we experience this truth.
Everyone, ever keeps talking about world peace. When we organize a social program where different people gather and many from amongst them come for worshipping ( Darsan), they say that let world peace prevail. We get to read about world peace in many magazines. Even while talking to a friend we tend to divert our discussion to the topic of world peace.
Where afterall is this world peace? It is because of us. How could peace prevail when our minds are not at peace ? We should experience the peace within us. To think that somebody would press a button of world- peace for us is pure illusion. Its not that any body would put on the program of world peace It has to come through everyone of us it may appear to be difficult but peace is sure to emerge. Become introvert, meditate and experience the peace which is within us.
Where is Heaven ? Where is Hell ? Both are within us. Every person is capable of creating Heaven. If man free to desire ? Or is everything pre destined ? People do put such questions. The thing is that within human being there exists infinite power. Every person is capable to create his own work by his own desires. Remain fixed on inner self and meditate and this will be achieved by its own. We can achieve happiness and peace. Thus speak the ' Sadguru'.

Justice Motilal B. Nayak
High Court Judge
Kundan Bagh
Begumpet, Hyderabad 500 016
Paramhansa Phulaji Baba is an incarnated saint. He has taken human form for the benefit of society. To lead the ignorant society, where spirituality has taken aback, to a proper path and to spread knowledge in simplest way by removing discrepancies in man's behaviour he is engaged in selfless service. The gist of all his teachings is that man should strive always to perform his duties overcoming all his baser impulses.
Baba gives everything to the one who comes to him. I have experienced this. To transform an ignorant into God is his aspiration. He preaches the path of meditation and thereby tries to uproot the differences arising out of Caste-creed situations paving the way for oneness, equality and love in the society. Even the beasts live in harmony, men should see and act mindfully. Saibaba devoted his life for benefit of society, similarly, Shri. Phulaji baba is relentlessly trying to serve the society.
- Motilal B. Nayak.

Shri. Sashidharrao
D.E.O. ( A), Utnoor
There are thousands of people amongst whom few are Godly. Shri Paramhansa Phulaji Baba is one such godly person. The teachings summarily means that unbounded love and firm faith alone can lead to Sadguru. I consider myself utmost blessed to get an opportunity to write the Preface for the book on Phulaji Baba's teaching written by Shri. Rangacharya. Baba lives like a common man and meets his fellow beings to give them happiness. I have seen him many times directing people from child to aged ones after listening to each one's grivences. While as Education officer, A.T.D. A, Utnoor in Adilabad district, I had the previledge of meeting baba on many occassions. Baba had also been to my house while conversing on any topic, baba smilingly pacifies the listeners supporting the talks with great scriptures like Bhagvat gita. Peple of all faiths believe in him and his blessings always remain with them. Love and faith can lead us to victory.
People from distant places come in large numbers to Baba. Baba takes care of every person & blesses them. Faith is the greatest asset. One who keeps faith is sure to receive fruits.
I am grateful to Shri. Rangacharya who has written on Paramhansa Sadguru Shri. Phulaji Baba.
K. Sashidharrao

M. Tukaram (I.A.S. )
Director of Distelleries & Breweries

In the interior and most backward areas of Adilabad districts, a yeoman's service is being rendered in the field of upbringing the people, regardless of their caste and creed, on the path of dharma and good life.
It is by the revered param sri Yogi Phulaji Baba, who is indeed a great Mahatma and Maharshi.
Soon the Divine presence began to surface at the place of his living with the truth - telling tongue and solace-giving healing touch, the place of penance and samadhi where he intended to go in alive, has turn out to be a regular pilgrimage for the people coming in scores from the far and near places. It has become a Maharshi Baba Ashram giving soon off- shoots to Similar Ashrams at more than Seven places in the neighbouring districts also.

The authority of Shri Phulaji baba in the Indian Vedic tradition of divine 'Shaktipat' Yoga.
Amongst the various peculiar systems of Indian Spiritual Culture ' Shaktipat' owns a great position. Since the time of vedas to date the sages, Saints and incarnations ( of God ) have followed this path.
The knowledge obtained from Adinath Shankara to one in this linage was bestowed upon his disciple, to lead him to realisation of God, by him. To whichever tradition one may belong, the real principle is that there is imparting of divine power in the aspirant. The descent of power thus is the greatest form of initiation.
Saint Dnyaneshwar has referred to this path as ' Pantraj ' ( the king of all paths), in Dnyaneshwari (a-18-966). Shaktipat is thus the imparting of divine power of God to a disciple for the sake of attaining God.
It is rather impossible to lead a truly spiritual life unless the serpent power ( kundalini ) gets awakened which itself is possible by 'Shaktipat' from a true master ( Guru). Unless the latent God awakens one's life can never attain its fulfillment. Shri. Gopinath in " Indian Culture and Worship" Says, that even Lord Shankaracharya has lucidly approved the importance of surrendering to a Saint ( who has realised God). Such a saint is a Sadguru. Such Godly persons present in human body have the true authority to lead the ignorant people to realisation of their true nature. If an aspirant on own experiences the rare desire to achieve freedom or to renuntiate the world he still needs the grace of a Sadguru, for succeeding, essentially.
The authority to lead ignorant beings to Godhead is not any liberated soul or even a diety but only a Sadguru.
Ones mind senses fulfillment on knowing about the wealth of Indian Spiritual system. It's not surprising to feel like letting ourselves flow in the tradition of Shaktipat Yoga having known about its history.
In today's world this tradition of Shaktipat Yoga is alive in Shri Siddheshwar Sansthan's Siddha Peeth at Patnapur in Andhra Pradesh. Siddhamahayogi Sadguru Shri. Paramhansa Phulaji baba has been initiating numerous beings with divine power by ' Shaktipat'. It remains upto us to meet the Sadguru and get blessed.

Shri. Siddha Mahayoga's
Siddha Mahayogpeet - Siddheshwar
Patnapur, Mandal Jainoor
Dist. Adilabad
"Musk Prevails in the Deer"
The womb of Musk deer bears the fragrant musk which spreads its fragrance as the muskdeer moves. In order to discover the source of the perfume the muskdeer starts running all over. Despite all its efforts, the poor deer doesn't know that the substance is present within its body.
Human being is caught in a similar situation. The God in form of Soul is present in the temple of body but man is searching for God all around the physical world failing to look for Him in his own heart. Therefore Saint Kabirdas said that God is not to be looked for in the outside world but to realise him one has to become introvert and engage in Worship, meditation. God is present within you.
Some important upanishad and scriptures
Book Writer
1] Shaktipat Yoga Rahasya or Shri. Keshav Ramachandra Joshi
Siddha Mahayoga Shastra (M.A. )
2] Patanjali Yoga Darsan Shri. Krishnaji Keshav Kolhatkar
Indian Psycology Third edition 1897
3] Chittashakti Vilas Shri. Swami Mukundanand.
( Ganeshpuri )
First edition - 1970
Second edition - 1997
4] Dhyan Sopan Swami. Chitvilasananda
Siddhayoga Prakashan
5] Gram Gita
6] Satyartha Prakash Swami. Dayanand Saraswati
7] Mandukyopanishad
8] Yoga Shikopanishad
9] Chandyogopanishad
10] Kundalini Jagaranoparishad
11] Bharatiya Tatva Shastra Etukuri Balram Murti 1989
12] Vishwadarshan Bharatiya Chintan Nanduri Ram Mohan 1997
Part -1, Part 2
13] Dnyaneshwari
14] Bhagvadgita
15] Tukaram gatha
16] Dasbodh
To test self experience Haripath etc. can be useful.
Divine Shaktipat as in tradition of Indian Vedic System
Yoga Diksha
1] From Shri. Vashista Krishi to Shri. Ramchandra
2] From Shri Mahavishnu to Shri. Dhruva through the touch of conch-shell.
3] From Shri. Dattatraya to Shri. Yaduraja by embracing
4] From Shri. Krishna to Shri. Udhav
5] From Shri. Krishna to Shri. Arjuna by providing the vision of Himself.
6] From Shri. Shankara to Shri. Harinath descent of happiness ( Nijananda)
7] From Shri. Nivritinath to Shri. Dnyaneshwar in the Siddha Panth.
8] From Shri. Dattatraya to Shri. Janardana Swami
9] From Shri. Maharshi Vyas to Shri, Raghav Chaitanya
10] From Saint Tukaram to Shri. Niloba ( Nijatma State)
11] From Gorakshanath to Shri. Sohirobanath Ambiye
12] From Shri. Raghunath to Shri. Niranjana Chaitanya
13] From Lord Ramchandra to Shri. Samarth Ramdas Swami
14] From Ramdas Swami to Shri. Shivaji Maharaj
15] From Raghunath Swami to Shri. Anandamurti Brahmanalkar
16] From Shri. Lokanath tirth Swami to Shri. Gulavani Maharaj.
The sages by imparting power from oneself to another ( saintly person ) have kept alive the above tradition of Indian vedic Shakipat ( descent of power ).
Today we have shri. Paramhansa Phulaji baba who keeps alive the system of Shaktipat. Baba has provided the blessing of Shaktipat to innumerable people. Its upto the people to get benefit out of it. Thus our sincere wish.


  1. pulaji baba helped a lot to our family

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  3. sabka maalik ek hey - SAI BABA
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    Sab ka malik ek hey, vo AATMA hey.- PULAJI BABA
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